Are you renting an apartment or a house for example because you don’t think you can qualify to buy?  If the answer is YES, please contact me.  You are not alone…..but you can be one of the ones who makes a change for the better.  In my experience, including a past life in the auto industry being a Finance Manager and a Sales Manager, I have seen a lot of different credit reports….some awful, and some so great I didn’t think it was possible.  But a majority of the time, a consumer didn’t know what there score was, or had even had there credit ran before. unfortunately in today’s world, CREDIT is a must.  Getting your next job, Getting a loan, Getting your children in to a school, could all come down to how good your credit is.  Credit is easy to establish, and if managed properly, could mean a better life.  I see too many people spend too much money every month on RENT, where they give money to live somewhere but are not building any equity or getting anything in return after they are done. Buying a house is one of the best things you can do in my mind.  I started off renting for one year out of college, but as soon as my first months rent was cashed, I knew I had to buy.  We started in a small townhouse for under $100,000 where my mortgage and taxes was less than my previous rent.  I had more space, (an upstairs and a downstairs) bigger bedrooms, bigger kitchen and bigger living room, all while saving money each month, BUT ALSO, building Equity in something that was mine.  I will always say that Real Estate is the smartest purchase one can make.  If you are spending your hard earned paycheck each month and giving it to a landlord that is not giving you any of it back at the end of your lease, please call me.  I would love the opportunity to help you better your future.

Yes Sir!

Self made millionaire to millennials: Don’t rent a home—buy