Why Choose Me?

Finding the right home for you or selling your current one, will not be only my job, it will be my commitment to you. Spending over 75% of my life in or around the construction industry, this is something I truly enjoy! 

When I was just a young boy following my dad around the house or tagging along with him at work I loved construction and doing projects at our house.  21 Years later, I’m graduating with a construction management degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston…….this is what I was meant to do.  After graduation, I didn’t go right in to Residential, but instead, I managed Commercial Construction Projects (Procurement, Cost, Forecasting, Contracts) all around the USA and even traveled to Israel and Ireland, eventually coming back home to Bedford, NH, Selling ALL building materials (Lumber, Engineered Lumber, Doors, Windows, Siding, Roofing to name a few) for Construction of new Houses or renovations to existing houses.

Thru out my travels, I have purchased and sold 5 homes (Manchester, NH…Albuquerque, NM…Bethalto, IL…(2) Bedford, NH) , designing and installing our own changes on each home we lived in.  Each home we purchased, we eventually had to sell for work reasons/relocation, and each one I made a profit on. This should give you the comfort and confidence that for years I have made the right choice on each residence I purchased and called home (Short Term or Long Term). Buying a home is a huge investment and decision for a person or family, so making the right choice is no small task.  Not many people can say they have traveled the USA, purchased and sold houses from the East Coast to the West Coast and back to the East Coast. I want to help you by using my expertise, passion and experience to make your next home purchase a positive experience.

I’m a husband and father of 4 children, all born in different states thru my travels so not only am I a hard worker, I am a family man.  I love Real Estate, Construction and the joy in watching things change from start to finish, from demolition to completion and making that dream become a reality. If you are looking for someone who not only knows real estate, but also knows construction and could provide if needed a vision of what your house “could be”, Scott O’Connell is your guy.

Give me the opportunity to help you with all your real estate needs…….you will not be disappointed.

Yes Sir!